This Jacket Is Making Us Think Very Differently About Tech-y Wearables


This is part of a special series, presented by Thrivent Financial, that focuses on a diversity of American inventors and innovations. 


While wearables like watches and fitness trackers are intended to get your more attuned and knowledgeable about your physical activities and health, the market continues to expand. We’re also now seeing innovators design clothing and shoes with smart technology.

Meet this creative couple who have brought us a hi-tech jacket inspired by the movie “Back to the Future.” Husband and wife team Aaron and Angela launched the startup Falyon Wearable Tech. As passionate designers with many years of experience in materials, tech, and innovation, they worked together in 2015 with a vision to bring the “Back to the Future” self-drying jacket to life.

The company grew to include friends and other designers who worked together to finally realize the vision of the SDJ-01 self-drying jacket in late 2015, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter. From that experience, they became even more determined to create wearable technology with a touch of nostalgia.

Falyon Wearable Tech first dipped their toes in the wearables scene with 2015’s SDJ-01 self-drying jacket. Building from that concept, these innovators realized there was more to be done to improve the design and tech features, and that they could craft a jacket that was more adaptable and convenient for the fast-changing world. Besides self-drying technology, people need a jacket that can adapt to weather, as well as a jacket that accommodates the modern mobile, constantly connected lifestyle.

They followed up the first jacket with the SDJ-02 version, with complete temperature control, with heating and cooling modes, making it a jacket for all weather. This is not a solution for climate change and the erratic weather that seems to come with it, but it’s a clever way to stay ready.

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