Want All Your Video Calls and Apps On One Screen? You'll Want To Know About This.


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You have a call from marketing on your land line. Meanwhile, you need to text your spouse on your mobile phone. In a minimized window, you are trying to follow Slack chat and hoping you didn't miss anything important. All of these digital communication tools were unheard of a handful of years ago, but now they are ubiquitous. Have you ever wondered, however, how much of your time you spend switching from window to window and device to device?

Labinot Bytyqi came to the U.S. about 15 years ago with his family and soon began working in tech. He noticed that many hours of productivity were lost every month as people tried to juggle all of their digital devices. He felt that the answer to the issue was a single platform that could accommodate every piece of communication all at once.


HELLO is a voice controlled smart device app that allows you to engage in live broadcasting, wireless screen sharing and video conferencing. It can be used on any TV. Best of all, the Solaborate app that runs the device is free. 

HELLO allows people to collaborate on projects. People can share insights and experience even when they are far apart.

Bytyqi says that one of the things he likes most about the system he created is that it allows for better work-life balance. When he is traveling for business, he is still able to turn on the TV and use his app to broadcast what is going on at home. He and his wife and kids can see one another and share a moment even when they are thousands of miles apart.

In a world where technology often feels like it makes us more distant, it is good to see one geared toward strengthening our relationships and helping us stay closer, no matter how far we are apart.

In the video, we see how it works: 


Images via Salaborate

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