Imagine A Cup You Can Actually Eat Instead Of Throwing Away.


This is part of a special series, presented by Thrivent Financial, that focuses on a diversity of American inventors and innovations. 


Each year Americans throw away an average of 25 billion plastic cups that fill up landfills, never to decompose. Loliware offers up a kinder, more sustainable solution to enjoy food and beverages without creating waste. The world's first edible bioplastics company launched with a collection of edible drinking cups that are designed to replace traditional disposable, plastic cups.

These clever little edible cups are part of a new eating and drinking experience that everyone can feel good about. The cups are made out of 100 percent plastic-free, gluten-free, gelatin-free, BPA-free, non-GMO, non-toxic, all natural, and FDA approved materials designed to be eaten rather than thrown in the garbage. The seaweed, organic sweeteners, and natural fruit and beverage colors and flavors used to produce each Loliware cup are both biodegradable and edible. 

With flavors like yuzu citrus, matcha green tea, tart cherry, and vanilla bean, they can be used to serve drinks and desserts. Loliware also recently launched the Frida Collection inspired by the famous artist. The multipack collection focuses on the vibrant tastes of Mexico with cups featuring mango, coconut water, watermelon, and a prickly pear, passion fruit and hibiscus blend.

The celebration of cultures, flavors, and sustainability is at the heart of Loliware's ethos. The women-owned company was started by Chelsea Briganti and Leigh Ann Tucker, both Parson School of Design graduates with degrees in Industrial Design, to answer a critical need to reduce the world's waste. All Loliware cups are completely compostable: anything not consumed can also transition from cup to soil in 60 days without any industrial composting service required. Each cup is also marine biodegradable, so it won't damage waterways and aquatic habitats. 

The Loliware cups are intended to be their first product collection in a long line of biodegradable and edible tableware and packaging, from cups, to straws, functional food additions, and even water bottles.


Images via Loliware

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