Vanessa Simmons

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This is part of a special series, presented by US Lifestyle Group, that focuses on a diversity of American social media voices impacting our culture.


Describe your followers.  
My followers have been with me since my MTV days on Runs House, and my and my sister's spinoff, Daddy's Girls. My loyal and most supporting fans — who I really love and appreciate — have followed my entrepreneurial journey since I was 22 years old. Even when we created Pastry footwear. They have followed me throughout my entire journey and have been supportive every step of the way.  

Since the rise of social media my followers have increased, watching me become a mother and now witnessing the birth of my many new fashion and beauty endeavors. I just want to take the time out to tell my fans how much I appreciate them every single day: Thank you so much you all! You guys really rock! 

What is the key to maintaining your influencer status?
I honestly never really think about “keeping” my influencer status, but more so, I'm always looking for a way to use the influence I may have for a good cause. For me that cause is women empowerment.

I would always like to be a source of inspiration to empower women to be everything they set out to be. 

What shapes your personal style?  
I’m absolutely obsessed with old Hollywood glamour and how ladies upheld themselves as such. So my personal style can be described as classic chic with a modern touch. 

How would you describe the current US lifestyle? 

I feel like the current U.S. lifestyle is all about living your absolute best life, mind, body and soul.


When have you used your social influence to impact social issues? 
Anytime I can utilize my platform for something that brings light to a cause that is much larger than me is the best feeling.

I've touched on everything on my actual social media platforms from domestic violence to helping our cities and states in times of need due to devastating storms.

Currently, I’m very in involve with “Rush Arts” a foundation geared towards keeping and bringing  The Arts to children in underserved communities.  

Who has the biggest influence on you and why? 
I would say the biggest thing that has the most influence on me right now is motherhood and raising a young girl who I am inspired by daily, watching her grow and learn. Motherhood makes me want to be a better version of myself every day so I can be the best example for my daughter Ava Marie and others.

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