Tamika Mallory

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This is part of a special series, presented by US Lifestyle Group, that focuses on a diversity of American social media voices impacting our culture.


She is a truly inspirational voice and figure not just online but, importantly, in real life. 

Describe your followers.  
My followers are diverse, a majority are African-American of all age ranges, and a lot of socially-conscious people from many backgrounds. I also have followers who totally disagree with my beliefs and they make it known. 

What is the key to maintaining your influencer status?
Being authentic and being able to show the work that I do is not just on social media, but on the ground with grassroots efforts. That's the only way. 

What shapes your personal style?

I'm a person who believes that being an activist doing social justice work does not mean there is a particular uniform you need to wear, and people should be able to express themselves in a variety of ways without being boxed in. I call myself "the daisy-duke wearing freedom fighter"!

How would you describe the current U.S. lifestyle?
Everything moves fast in the current U.S. lifestyle, which doesn't provide time for deeper understanding and deep relationships.

Even though we expect things quickly, people are very aware of what is happening in our society and they're looking for ways to take action and be a part of responding. 

When have you used your social influence to impact social issues?
I use my social media everyday to inform, inspire, educate and sometimes debate and challenge people on issues. 

What is key when creating your social media post?
There are so many elements that go into how I choose to post on social media, but I would say my biggest consideration is my ability to educate people more on who I am personally, and educate them about the issues that I care about. 

Who has the biggest influence on you and why?
My mom has the biggest influence on me, because of the challenges I know she has been through in her life and the fact she always encourages me to see the bigger picture and understand my role in history. When I feel like when I'm facing an impossible mountain to climb, my mom will help me see how I actually don't have to climb up because I can walk around, because she has already navigated the mountain and she knows the way.  

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