Ashley Nell Tipton


This is part of a special series, presented by US Lifestyle Group, that focuses on a diversity of American social media voices impacting our culture.


This triple threat designer — fashion, eyewear, jewelry — and Project Runway alumnus stays connected with fans via all her social media channels, including YouTube and Instagram.  

Describe your followers? 
I have a wide range of followers — from my Project Runway supporters, to people who love sewing, customers of my apparel, jewelry and eye-frame lines, and individuals into fashion, self-acceptance and body positivity. 

I have become a voice for those who have been bullied or are looking for inspiration to further their own self-confidence.

What is the key to maintaining your influencer status?
Being truthful, engaging with my followers and having a distinct voice and viewpoint. Creating good content, having a firm grasp on the story I'm attempting to tell, and surrounding myself with a good team helps tremendously.  

What shapes your personal style?  

I've been really inspired by Japanese fashion lately as well as pop culture and images that come across my Instagram feed. My culture and personal experiences have also molded my personal aesthetic.


How would you describe the current US lifestyle?
It is totally driven by media, digital technologies and communications, especially for those of us who fall into the Millennial and Generation Z demographic. It's definitely an exciting time because things are constantly changing and norms are being challenged.  

When have you used your social influence to impact social issues?

I like to speak out on the topics of self-acceptance, body positivity and one’s ability to love themselves.

What is key when creating your social media post?
The key when creating all my social media posts is being thoughtful, creating content that visual stimulating and relevant to my followers and being consistent.  


Who has the biggest influence on you and why?My followers! They give me hope and feedback that keeps me humble yet driven. 


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