This Dreamy Album Is Kali Uchis's Serenade To Us For All Our Summer Moods

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Summer is here, and having a sumptuous soundtrack matters.

Kali Uchis’s Isolation album, released this spring, has had some time to simmer: The flavors are now a perfect blend of sonic deliciousness, ready for the bright, dreamy days and nights of summer. (For the record, critics were quick and generous with praise for the project when it first dropped.)

This intro, though:

Isolation is Uchis’s debut album, riding up behind several projects, like a mixtape, EP, music videos and collaborations. One of the achievements of Uchis’s music is a consistency with speaking boldly about American realities and her experiences. A bicultural young artist, she was born outside Washington, D.C., and grew up in the U.S. and Colombia, her parent’s native country.

Her vocals are soulful and moody, and she really impresses the crowds and critics with being able to cruise — with plenty of ease — through a spectrum of genre inspirations: bedroom pop, reggaeton, retro soul, funk, bossa nova.

Picking from the album's variety, these are the songs that you’re going to want to cue for all the summer moods and situations:

Backyard/Garden Parties
“Just A Stranger” is a smooth bop with a faded ice-cream truck jingle.

A Pick Me Up When You’re Feeling Some Kind of Way
“After the Storm,” featuring Bootsy Collins and Tyler, the Creator, is a groovy, downtempo pep talk of sorts. Favorite lyric: If you’re looking for a hero/ Just look in the mirror.

Relaxing by the Pool
“Nuestro Planeta” is a chill reggaeton love song en espanol.

Immigrant-American Summer
“Miami” tells a story of the immigrant experience in the U.S., and low-key exorcises some of the disrespectful words that they have to hear sometimes.

Summer Love
“Flight 22” is a retro do-wop-inspired romantic ballad.

“Killer” packs syrup-sweet, languid vocals about a love affair squashed. 

“Feel Like A Fool” could literally be an homage to Amy Winehouse. 

Want to go deeper into the wondrous world of Kali Uchis? Watch "24 Hours with Kali Uchis" by our friends at Vogue.

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