Urban Farms Are About To Be Popping Up More Than Shake Shacks

Now that we’re all rushing to live our best plant-based lives, the innovations in sustainable food production are sprouting up every day—trying to keep up.

This is what we know: Last year, the UN issued a report that includes projections about the planet's growing human population. By 2050, the number of humans walking the Earth is likely going to reach more than 9 billion. Today, we are roughly 7.5 billion. Yes, that is a gigante 3 billion more mouths to feed in about 22 years. This is one major reason why it is so critical for everyone—today—to think about what they eat and where their food comes from. Why? As consumers, your food purchases fall on a spectrum.

The spectrum:


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Depleting the Environment

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Trying the Basic Needs of Food Industry Workers 

The same UN report identified one more trend: Much of the population boom is happening in cities. So, America, we’re going to be seeing a lot more of this: urban farming. And, due to the way new things develop in cities, we’re going to start building those farms upward.

Vertical farming is on the rise in urban areas across the globe, including places like Brooklyn, NY. Gotham Greens was developed by Viraj Puri and , on the rooftop above a Whole Foods market in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Check this out:

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